The Village Nannies

"Enabling each and every child to reach their full potential"    

Why a Nanny?

Years ago, a Nanny was considered a luxury. Times have certainly changed! Now, it is not unusual for both parents to be juggling the demands of family life and a full-time career. Today, more and more parents are realizing that employing a Nanny is not only financially possible, but is also an enriching and enhancing decision for the whole family. Village Nannies will help you to stay within your budget. We will only refer, for your consideration, those Nannies who will work within your preferred pay range.

Our service to our Family Clientele

Here at Village Nannies, we understand that deciding upon the right Nanny to care for your child or children, is one of the hardest and most important decisions you will make as a parent. In our service to you, our Client, we go above and beyond usual expectations. Our Family Clientele is of the utmost importance to us. We strive to make welcoming the ideal Nanny into your home, a stress-free, smooth and uncomplicated decision for you. The Professional Nannies that we provide for your consideration will be the result of a specific, thorough and personal matching process. We know that each and every Family is unique, with their own particular needs and expectations. We take the time to very carefully consider every aspect involved during our Family/Nanny matching procedure. This often ensures the Family/Nanny bond which can last a lifetime. Village Nannies specializes in providing a unique, confidential and highly personalized service. In the search for your Nanny, we consistently provide your family the care and personal attention, which cannot be found through online only services, notice boards or the classifieds.

Each and every one of our Nannies is committed, along with us, to providing only the highest quality of service to all children and their families. Only a very small percentage of applicants are successful in being selected to join our family of Professional Village Nannies. Our standards are of the highest caliber, our multiple screening and testing processes are rigorous, thorough and comprehensive.*

All of our Nannies are subject to extensive reference and background checks. These include but are not limited to; professional, character, educational and of course, criminal background checks. It is our policy and pleasure at Village Nannies, to meet with and personally interview, each and every Nanny that has successfully completed our selection process. Our Nanny will complete further testing during our personal interview, the results of which give us an in-depth understanding of how they approach their work as a Nanny. This deeper knowledge enables us to build a highly-refined Nanny profile, which ensures the highest degree of compatibility between Family and Nanny. We are never surprised upon meeting our Nannies, to be greeting presentable, highly educated, frequently degreed, respectable young ladies, who will not only be wonderful Nannies and mentors for your children but often are a huge source of knowledge for the parents alike.

You are always welcome to contact us if you feel you are ready to give your children and family the enriching, life enhancing and surprisingly affordable experience of welcoming a Village Nanny into your lives.

Village Nannies respects the privacy and confidentiality of all our Clientele. Assignments are handled with the utmost discretion, privacy and confidentiality. All Nannies sign and abide by a Confidentiality Agreement.

*PFC Information Services Inc. Oakland, C.A. A Professional Service company, Members of the International Nanny Association, who fully understand the importance of thorough, accurate and complete background checks for all employees.